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Cleaning a Vacuum?


I live in a 100+ year-old house, and we also have three large dogs. So, I know to clean my air filters monthly and to sweep daily. But, lately, my house has smelled a bit funky.

I have tried every candle, air purifier and room spray I could find, yet nothing seemed to really cure the problem. I vacuumed the furniture, had the vents cleaned, washed all of the bedding… and nothing helped.

Finally, one day, I noticed that my vacuum cleaner had a little door labeled “filter.” When I opened the door, I found the offending odor. That vacuum filter had been in place for several YEARS without being washed or replaced. It was nothing less than disgusting.

A quick visit to my favorite store, Amazon.com, and I found a replacement filter for $7. When it arrived in the mail, I took two-seconds to install it and viola! The vacuum runs so much better and cleaned up ten times more dirt and dog hair than before.


So, here’s my advice to you: wash or replace your vacuum filter regularly.

My vacuum is a Dyson Animal and the filter can be washed by soaking for 5-minutes, then rinsing under cold water. Gently squeeze the water out and repeat until it runs clear, then air dry for 24-hours. (Do not use a dishwasher, washing machine or dryer for this.)

Washing or replacing your filter is recommended every 6-months. However, if your house is as old or pet-filled as mine, you may want to consider doing it more often! Your carpets and your nose will thank you.

Happy cleaning!


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