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Baby Toupees

We all love a baby with good hair, right? It seems that way to me… sort of.

My baby has a lot of hair. It has gone from jet-black and stick-straight at birth to light brown and very curly. Both ‘dos have attracted a lot of attention. And, if I had a dollar for every person who said “Look at all that hair!,” we could all retire very, very rich.


Thick curly hair at 7 months. My grandma says she’s been trying to get this look her whole life!

Here are the 5 weirdest comments I’ve heard:

  1. Is that real?
    (nope, it’s from babytoupees.com.)
  2. Where did that hair come from?
    (um, God?)
  3. Oh my, that’s an interesting looking child.
    (if by interesting, you mean perfect in every way, thank you! @&%$*^!)
  4. Ooo, can I touch it?
    (sure, perfect stranger, please run your sketchy hands through my baby’s locks.)
  5. Those curls are cute now, but he’s going to hate them when he grows up!
    (did your filter break?)

Who knew baby hair could be such a topic of conversation? I love everything about this little dude – especially his hair – and will continue telling him that every day for the rest of my life.

In some cultures, like some Chinese and Indian sects, a baby’s hair is shaved for religious purposes. Many Americans and Europeans also shave their baby’s hair to help it grow in thicker (although this actually has no effect on how the hair grows). And, I have even heard of people who shave their baby’s head simply because they wanted a bald baby.

I digress, and will get back to researching the best baby conditioner!

Have a great week –

3 Responses to “Baby Toupees”

  1. Michelle Lennon

    My niece is an albino and she too was born with a great head of white, thick, curly hair, by 3 years old it was long and GORGEOUS – I always stood and stared agape when people would ask “Is that her natural color”?? UUUMMM WHAT??? NO we bleach this baby’s hair!!!


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