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Gratitude via Facebook

Our goal with Lemon Water is to be a resource for women who, like us, are striving to be happy and real. We trepidatiously created a Facebook page and have been humbled by the little community it has created.

This weekend, our page miraculously exceeded 300 likes. Olivia and I are so excited!

In honor of this milestone, we randomly selected one of our fans to interview. Please join me in thanking Sara Uhrich for her response.

Sara lives in Fort Riley, Kansas and connected with Lemon Water through Facebook. That’s pretty cool because she doesn’t know Olivia or I outside of our blog!

For a job, Sara tackles a project most of us dread – cleaning. Specifically, she cleans office buildings and businesses. Hopefully she will share some quick cleaning tips with us in the future! I know I could use some pointers in that department.

I also asked Sara what she thinks is the biggest challenge women face and what she’d like to read about on Lemon Water. Her answer? Body image issues and feeling self-concious. Wow! That is not what I expected to hear, but completely accurate. I believe all women struggle with confidence in one way or another; and am looking forward to writing about my experiences.


Today I mailed Sara a package of some of my favorite things to thank her for her time.Sage candles are so fresh smelling and they are perfect for any time. of year.
Pilot G2 gel pens (with a fine tip) roll so smoothly over paper.
Moleskine notebooks are a beautiful and practical way to jot notes you want to remember.

I hope she loves these things as much as I do!

Thanks to all of you for being a part of our community. I hope you’re enjoying your time here. Please continue contributing your thoughts, we love to hear them.

With love and gratitude,

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