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Welcome to Yoga. The door is open. (part two)

This post is the second part of a two-part guest post by Jessa Baxter Voos, owner of Orange Sky Yoga, in honor of National Yoga Month. Thank you, Jessa, for your openness and thoughtfulness on why yoga isn’t as scary as it sounds!


Jessa Baxter Voos, Orange Sky Yoga

Jessa Baxter Voos, Orange Sky Yoga

3. “Competition.”
You know the line, “there’s no crying in baseball”? Well, there’s no winning in yoga. Pure and simple.

We get so accustomed to striving to win in our society whether it be a 5k, or at monopoly, or at work, or at school; that we forget there are some things in life that are not meant to have a listed winner and loser. Yoga is one of those things. It’s liberating to know that you can be on your mat, your home, and nothing else matters at that moment. It’s all about you and only you. No one else is in your home. The person in their home next to you is doing their own thing. Don’t even pay attention to them.

Ask yourself what you need to do to feel good today? Breathe that in. What do you need in your practice today? Do it. What is the purpose you are on your mat today? Tell yourself. Is today different than yesterday? Doesn’t matter. Close your eyes if you have to. Tune out the person next to you and make the time on your mat exactly what you need. Don’t put expectations on your practice based on your neighbor or what you think your practice should be. Be accepting of where you are in your practice in that moment. Then, you will win every time.

4. “Om, huh?!”
People get different experiences out of their yoga practice. Some people come to the mat, to sweat, exercise, turn off their brain and get a great workout. Some people come to feel relief in their bodies. Some come to relieve stress or emotions they are holding on to. Some come to worship and be closer to their God. Don’t feel that there is some expectation of you on a spiritual level when you come to the yoga mat. Again, it’s a personal practice and if you are only coming to get sexy triceps, that’s amazing!

You will receive all the benefits of a yoga practice without having to take it to a spiritual level. Always come to your yoga mat from a place of non-judgement – of yourself and of the people around you. And know they are respectively doing the same.

It’s funny, the first thing people tell me when they see me is why they haven’t come to yoga. It’s okay, I am not the yoga police. I’ve come to realize that people come to yoga when they are ready. It can be scary and I understand that. So I never give up on people. The door is open. Welcome Home.

Jessa Baxter Voos began her yoga journey in 2003 after running her first marathon- hoping to ease the strain on her body from the running. She immediately fell in love with the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga. And found the confidence within herself through her practice of yoga. She explored different varieties of yoga then became enchanted with Vinyasa Flow Yoga – the strength it builds, the alignment of the poses, the breath, and the self-study. As Jessa’s practice developed, she wanted to share her love for yoga with others as well as deepen her understanding. She did her Teacher Training with Yoga Works in Los Angeles and studied under some of the most respected teachers in the country. Her classes build strength while keeping the ego humble and hoping to achieve a touch of clarity, quiet and peace in our busy lives. You can see Jessa practice with her kiddos here: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2013/05/balancing-life-as-a-yogi-mom-jessa-baxter-voos/ or visit her site: www.orangeskyyoga.com

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