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Glamping in Austin

It’s been a while since my last post and I have desperately missed writing. However, I have had a LOT of fun lately.

Let me tell you about it…

My husband and I road tripped to Austin, Texas with four other couples. We spent a long weekend camping in an RV park, known by many as the home of Matthew McConaughey.

IMG_2043While Mr. McConaughey no longer lives there, there is no shortage of fancy cars and million dollar motor homes at the Pecan Grove RV Park. Pecan Grove is located right in the middle of Austin and most of its tenants are permanent residents. In fact, we only got in because we know a full-timer.

My husband and I started our journey by visiting our parents for a few days and leaving our son with them. We then met up with the group for a ten-hour road trip, that actually took 14-hours. We had an SUV pulling a borrowed pop-up camper and an RV from 1973, called The Bro, that is the antithesis of aerodynamics.

IMG_2039You know you have great friends when a way too long drive is actually fun and not torture. But, we were glad to get to Austin.

We ate an amazing late dinner at The Shady Grove, which was walking distance from Pecan Grove. We got there right before close, and there wasn’t much going on at the restaurant. But our waiter was so kind to seat us and take great care of us – even after they were technically closed. The food was great, the margaritinis were better, but the kicker of the night was the Airstream trailer turned bathroom.

Saturday morning brought the fun of enduring camp-site showers, which were actually pretty nice compared to most I’ve used. Usually when you travel with a group, though, you don’t all get ready in the same small quarters. It’s always interesting to learn new techniques for hair and makeup. My takeaway for the day – you can flat iron your hair wet. It might fry your hair, and it might take forever, but a lot of women just skip the hair dryer altogether. Who knew?

Anyway, we spent the day eating, drinking and shopping our way through some of the coolest, quirkiest and weirdest little places. I think Austin’s food truck parking lots are one of the most fun ideas I’ve seen. You really don’t have to narrow down one genre of food, but rather you can try them all. Kind of like a food court… only gourmet.

I will definitely be going back to Austin. Only, with a bigger appetite, more time on my hands, and a trailer to bring home all of my wares. What a beautifully unique city, filled with extraordinarily kind people.

"Glamping" - Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.

“Glamping” – Shorthand for glamorous camping; luxury camping.

How do you like to travel? With a group or a partner? Camping or hotel? I love new travel ideas! Please share!


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