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Tomorrow my baby starts daycare

My infant son, Oliver, is soundly napping right now. He’s taking a nice, long nap, which is a rarity in our house. And, it’s making me question my decision to start taking him to daycare tomorrow.

You see, I have tried working from home for the last ten months and my work hours have been limited to nap-time or a few hours a week when the nanny comes. Of course, nap time always seems to happen when the nanny comes. So, that has cut into my work time too.

Our childcare arrangement seemed ideal because it would allow our family some flexibility. My husband, Matt, works in the Emergency Room and generally works 12-hour shifts. His days off are usually mid-week and a child in full-time daycare might not get to see him much.

However, nap times have gotten shorter and nanny availability varies with class schedules, illnesses and other life interruptions.

One of Oliver's favorite activities is chasing Max, our dog. Hopefully he'll learn some more human tricks, like walking on two-legs instead of four, when he's around other kids!

One of Oliver’s favorite activities is chasing Max, our dog. Hopefully he’ll learn some more human tricks, like walking on two-legs instead of four, when he’s around other kids!

I have thought a lot about quitting my job to stay at home with Oliver. And, that option is still on the table, if I’m being totally honest. But, I love what I do. I love the stimulation and challenge that work provides almost as much as I love being a mom. I also think that our social, active and intelligent child needs more engagement than he will get with a playdate here and there.

Tomorrow Oliver will start going to daycare two days per week. It’s not much, but hopefully it gives him some socialization and stimulation that he cannot get at home. And, hopefully more stable child care will allow me to work more efficiently and be a less distracted mom.

I am both excited and nervous for my little guy. I wanted to be a mom so badly that I’m struggling with the idea that I might miss out on something. But, I think we are making the right choice for all of us.

It’s not like this is a new problem; many moms have dealt with these insecurities over many years, but that doesn’t minimize the challenge when it’s your own family. I am seeking comfort in the words of my husband – Oliver will still be home 5 days a week and if he doesn’t love daycare, all bets are off. 🙂

Please help me wish him luck in this new, grown up chapter!


4 Responses to “Tomorrow my baby starts daycare”

  1. Laura

    It is so hard to find balance! I cried when I took my son to daycare. We found a wonderful lady who LOVED our kids. He loved it. If this daycare provider doesn’t work out, keep looking. The really good ones are out there, sometimes they are just a little harder to find:)

  2. Jessica Wilson

    He will do great! I struggle with this everyday because I miss out on a lot working full time, especially school things for my older kids. I am comforted with the reality that I am inspiring my children to work and it is healthy for everyone to have relationships outside of the family unit. Plus I believe I am a much better parent when I know I only get to see my kids in the mornings before school and evenings. Good luck Mary!

  3. Arthi

    My daughter started daycare when she was one, she was not happy initially but she loves it now. Her vocabulary has improved and she has learned so much more. All the best Mary. Tip: Give him a good 2 months to adjust.

    • marylemonwater

      Thank you, Arthi! I hope that he has a great time, but I appreciate the encouragement. 🙂


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