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Opening Up About Adoption

My husband and I are ready to adopt another baby and last week I shared a link to our adoption profile on Facebook.

This was certainly not a marketing ploy, or even a way to pull at heart strings. But, rather, I’d worked very hard on setting up our website and I just wanted to share it!

The first time we started the adoption process, I did not make any posts about it on Facebook. Beginning a family felt so private and it seemed weird to share so publicly. Honestly, I don’t know what came over me this time. I guess I thought since everyone already knew we’d adopted, I could be more open about the process this time around.

Based on my own knowledge before I adopted a child, I’m guessing that people most people know very little about adoption. I have also had many people tell me they want to adopt. Opening up seemed like a way to help.

To my surprise, someone shared the link to our profile on their Facebook page. And, then someone else did too. This totally freaked me out. Did I want my whole life on display like this?

Then a couple of people private messaged me to ask if I minded them sharing. Their messages were so sweet:

“Do you mind if I share your post? I know a lot of young people who are expecting. And maybe them seeing this will help somehow?” – a family friend

“You two are such great parents! Good luck.” – a woman I volunteered with years ago

“You guys are amazing!!! We are soooooooo blessed!!!!!!!” – Oliver’s biological aunt

So many people wanted to support us. How could I say no to that?

The website seemed to spread like wildfire. I lost count after more than 40 of my friends posted our website link to Facebook. Then their friends shared the link, too.  In the last six days, over 8,000 people have viewed our website!

I don’t know if this will be the way we meet our next birth mom. Maybe people are just curious what an adoption profile looks like. But, I think it’s a good start. Hearing compliments and well-wishes has certainly helped my confidence as we move back into the crazy unknown of the adoption process!

Thank you to all of you who have supported us. We are nervous about going through this again, but excited to see what the future holds. Your encouragement has made every step more enjoyable.

With love,

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