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Are you pregnant? Again?

Being pregnant for the second time has brought lots of comments and questions about my pretty large belly. Most of them are funny, some could get me down on a bad day, but I just think it is hilarious the kind of stuff we say to each other either out of curiosity, to make some sort of small talk or for whatever other reason.

Although I’ve been lucky enough not to have many people want to rub my belly, while I was pregnant with my first child I went to a party where a woman I had just met kept coming over to touch my stomach. This did not sit well with me and I left the party early.

Anyway, I know I have asked some of the questions below- not all- at some point in my life when I did not know any better. Live and learn, I suppose. Here are my favorites I’ve been asked this time around:

  • “I didn’t want to say the wrong thing, so I told my co-worker that you were either pregnant or had been drinking a lot of beer.” – From a co-worker. Ha!
  • “My friend is due about the same time as you. You are much bigger”- I know there aren’t any bad intentions here, and it really is not a big deal because I know that even though my belly is large, I have gained the weight I needed, not more not less. However, on a bad day, or an especially hormonal one, this could be devastating. A close cousin of this is “You are huge!!!!” – ummm, thanks?
  • “You’re pregnant? Again?”- From several people. Well, yes.
  • “You look like a tired momma” – a stranger at an airport. I was pregnant, had been traveling on my own with a toddler for 6 hours and had 9 more ahead of me. Tired does not even begin to describe how I felt, but thanks for pointing it out and not offer to help me in any way.
  • “You look amazing!” – from a co-worker. This is so sweet and always welcomed, especially on the day I made the decision at 6:30 a.m. to wear a skirt that clearly I should not have been wearing at 5 months pregnant. True or not, it made me feel good.
  • “Was this planned?” from several people. Well, none of your business, but yes, as much as you can plan something that is more like a miracle and less like a trip.
  • “How are you feeling?”- from the general public. There is nothing wrong with this question, but I often wish I would answer truthfully, it would be something like this: “I’ve had nausea for the last 2 hours and now I am starving and willing to eat anything out of a vending machine. How do you think I am feeling?” Just yesterday, when I felt particularly awful, a co-worker looked at me when I said I was fine and told me I could say the truth. I did, and it didn’t help me feel better, but it was nice that she took the time to listen and not just make an empty question.
  • This one came today as a work email sent to a co-worker then forwarded to me, I’ll paraphrase. “I ran into someone who told me Olivia had gone into labor last night.” Considering that I was at home all evening with no signs of labor this one came as a shock to say the least. My co-worker informed the person that I was in fact at work this morning so she did not think I had had a baby yet.
  • And my personal favorite and the one that inspired this post: “You’re expecting again? Your baby must finally be sleeping in his crib” – Also from a co-worker. What? Although this is hilarious it is so inappropriate, especially because I had someone else in my office. At least my co-worker was talking to me in Spanish so the third person did not catch this little gem. I was still thoroughly embarrassed and blushed.

What kind of crazy stuff have you been asked/told while pregnant?

9 Responses to “Are you pregnant? Again?”

  1. marylemonwater

    I am shocked that none of my completely rude comments have made your list… Like my daily text to see if you are in labor yet, or stashing blankets in the car in case you go into labor in my presence! Ha! How did you get so many friends who have never been pregnant!? We all want in on the details (even though we know it’s none of our business)! I am so excited for you! 🙂

  2. Tara

    Are you carrying twins? You’re going to need a c-section to get that baby out! // said by the cleaning lady at work.

  3. Shannon

    Oh gosh lets see. I was pregnant with twins and I admit I was huge but still… When I announced my pregnancy at 11 weeks I was told “it’s about time”. I was asked by a cashier if I was going to go into labour in her line. I was told by members of the public I shouldn’t be at work (I worked until 36 weeks) and then there is the whole twin thing. “Are they natural?” No, my babies are unnatural! What I think you mean to ask is”are they spontaneous” but in any case what business of yours is my sex life. I don’t ask you what you do in your bedroom. In the end I am an attention hoar and enjoyes everyminute laughing along the way. It was hard on those “bad” days when people would say “oh you must be due any day” and I would look at them and say “I am only FIVE months pregnant. Lol good times.

    • oliviascribe

      Oh Shannon. It is funny how people think they can ask very private questions because our bellies are visible! Thanks for the laughs, but sorry you had to endure those questions, especially on those bad days we all have.

      • Shannon

        Thanks! Like I said though I actually really enjoyed it! When else in my life will I ever get that much special attention? If youre gonna be a mom you have to learn to laugh at life sometimes 🙂 wishing you all the best.

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