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75 Indoor Activities for Babies and Toddlers

This has been an exceptionally cold winter for us and my 11-month old son is getting as stir crazy as me. Following is a list of indoor activities I put together for those cold weather days… I hope it’ll help keep your little one entertained!

  1. Setup a photo-shoot and practice with your favorite model
  2. Make a sensory bin
  3. Play with water in the bathtub or sink
  4. Check out books at the library
  5. Build a fort
  6. Climb a mountain of pillows
  7. Go on a magic carpet ride by pulling baby around on a towel or bath mat
  8. Make art with those little hand and foot prints
  9. Have a dance party
  10. Play-dough
  11. Invite a friend over for a play-date
  12. Make a “car” to ride or push through the house (try a laundry basket!)
  13. Stack up all the Tupperware in a mountain as high as you can
  14. Read books
  15. Give horsey or piggy back rides
  16. Make a race track for toy cars
  17. Roll the ball to your baby
  18. Work on dropping and picking up toys
  19. Find an indoor pool – sometimes available at a hotel or aquatic center
  20. Blow bubbles
  21. Play “chase the flashlight”
  22. Make rattles out of beans and bottles
  23. Turn the light switches on and off
  24. Hide one of baby’s toys and let him find it
  25. Mix dish soap and food color in a bag
  26. Wind and unwind a ribbon
  27. Play peek-a-boo
  28. Look at pictures on the computer
  29. Go to an art museum
  30. Put on a puppet show
  31. Sing songs with hand movements
  32. Name the people in family photos
  33. Practice sign language
  34. Make silly noises to repeat or laugh at
  35. Take a bath and learn body parts
  36. Go to the movie theater
  37. Play with your pets
  38. Tell baby a story – real or make-believe
  39. Video chat with a relative
  40. Surprise daddy/mommy at work
  41. Eat out at a restaurant
  42. Shop at the mall
  43. Squeeze sponges in water
  44. Wrap and unwrap a toy
  45. Bang on pots and pans
  46. Play with fresh spaghetti noodles
  47. Fill up a tissue paper box or wipes container and let baby pull things out
  48. Float flowers in water to grab
  49. Play with stir sticks at a coffee shop
  50. Let your baby choose toys at the dollar store
  51. Make a tunnel to crawl through
  52. Create an obstacle course to walk around
  53. Play hide and seek
  54. Have an indoor picnic
  55. Show animal pictures and make the related animal sound
  56. Give your baby a massage
  57. Make a video to send to loved ones
  58. Visit a pet store or animal shelter and talk to the animals
  59. Show your wedding video
  60. Practice your foreign language skills
  61. Visit a craft store
  62. Give baby several different kinds of fabric to feel (perhaps at the craft store?)
  63. Have a tickle-fest
  64. Play follow the leader
  65. Have mommy or daddy jungle gym and let baby crawl all over you
  66. Play a memory game with two photos of the same thing and let baby match them up
  67. Introduce dress up with mommy’s scarves, daddy’s shirts, etc.
  68. Let your child pour things from one container to another of a different size
  69. Let baby “paint” on the high chair with yogurt
  70. Look in different mirrors
  71. Practice counting
  72. Bring snow inside and let baby play with it
  73. Fill up a balloon and bounce it around
  74. Put water, oil and food coloring in a water bottle, then shake it up!
  75. Take a nap! Phew… this parenting gig is exhausting!

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