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I love Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas and a Giveaway

If you asked men, they’d probably tell you Valentine’s Day is a day for women. Actually, they would probably say girls. But if you have any friends with big kids, looking at your facebook feed probably means seeing a lot of pictures of gifts  moms and their kids- boys and girls- are putting together to give to their classmates, as well as a string of sarcastic memes about not getting anything this year.

When we are kids Valentine’s Day is fun, but as we grow into puberty and beyond it gets a little scary. Still, I absolutely love the day, and I look forward to it every year.

I do understand the anxiety it brings many people, both men and women; growing up I too felt pressure about getting a gift from a boy as if it put a value on my worth as a girl. As a woman and as a feminist I feel a certain amount of disdain towards the expectation of an expensive gift as if it was the only or best way to show romantic love. I certainly do not attach my worth as a woman to the gifts I receive. I also don’t like the pressure that many men feel to perform on Valentine’s Day, or the anxiety that some women feel about it, especially if they are single.

But, I do love Valentine’s Day, and Mary loves it too, so we are doing a giveaway with some of the things we love. (Hint, it involves really awesome chocolate and writing supplies). Keep reading and comment below to enter! 

I love Valentine’s because in so many ways it reminds me of my mom. She always had heart-shaped chocolates and a little gift ready for us in the morning of Valentine’s Day. It made waking up to go to school that much more exciting, and the afternoons that much sweeter. Over the years, my sister and I collected sweet memories and an array of heart-shaped porcelain boxes that remain in our childhood bedrooms- but that I can’t wait to get a hold of to place in my daughter’s room.

Heart-shaped brownies for breakfast.

Heart-shaped brownies for breakfast.

We did not need a designated day to feel loved, my mom was an always loving and caring mother, but Valentine’s Day was when she could go a little overboard and make that love for us a little corny, fun and filled with chocolate.

My mom always made me feel special, and I want to make my loved ones feel that way too, but instead of shopping for a gift I am much better at making them myself or taking the time to spend some extra time with the ones I care about the most. Here are some ideas for gifts that won’t take much more than your time, effort and love.

  • Make a your spouse’s favorite meal and spend the evening reminding him and yourself why you fell in love
  • Bake brownies in heart-shaped muffin tins, and have them for breakfast (am I the only one who loves doing this?)
  • Pick a friend you’ve lost touch with and send them a letter letting them know you remember them and still care
  • Spend an afternoon making Valentine’s Day cards or crafts to send to family (this is great with kids or crafty friends)
  • Watch your favorite romantic movie while you eat popcorn with truffle oil and parmesan cheese
  • Bring a flower arrangement to a nursing home to be placed in the dining room where all the residents can enjoy it
  • Bake cookies and bring them to work to share with your colleagues
  • Go to your favorite coffee shop, grab one of those drinks you always want, but never buy, and take your loved one for a moonlight walk
  • Give yourself a mani/pedi or book one at your favorite salon for you and your best friend
  • Clean your spouse’s car, inside and out
  • Wear red and when people make a comment remind them that February is Heart Disease Awareness month.

Besides cooking and baking for my husband, I try to send cards to my nieces and nephews, as well as my parents (I always thank them for showing me what love is) This year, I spent a Sunday afternoon making cards with my toddler at our local museum. He was squirmy, and stayed on task for all of 10 minutes, but I had fun and we had a cute craft to give his grandmother. I am looking forward to baking heart-shaped cookies with him later this week.

As he and my daughter grow up, I will try to instill in them a sense of love that can be romantic and include meals, flowers, chocolates and jewelry, but that is most of all respectful, appreciative, nurturing and real.

To enter our giveaway of some of the stuff I love, tell me:

How do you show someone you love them?

10 Responses to “I love Valentine’s Day: Gift Ideas and a Giveaway”

  1. emilypercak

    In order to show someone I love them, it is important for me to let them know I am thinking about that. Whether that is through Facebook, a text message, phone call, or text, I love talking to the people I love. For my boyfriend, I love giving him a nice, relaxing back massage to show how much he means to me and then we cook our favorite meal together and enjoy a nice glass of wine and watch tv. It’s about appreciating one another and taking time out of our busy lives to remember that.

  2. Abagail

    I am a huge fan of a homemade card and a long well thought out note. Hearing that someone loves you is one thing, but writing it down and sharing it with someone you love is totally different. It solidifies feelings in an age old custom.

  3. marylemonwater

    I love all holidays, including Valentine’s Day, because I think celebrating is so much fun! I try to show my love for family and friends every day through kind words and helpful actions. But, an excuse to dress up and exchange sentiments is lovely!

  4. Emily

    I’ve always been disappointed by the fact that Valentine’s Day is marketed as a holiday devoted solely to romantic love. I think it is and should be so much more than that. Olivia, I love that your mom made it special for you, and I love your suggestions for sharing Valentine’s Day with others. In college, my friends and I would try to do something nice for each other in celebration on Valentine’s Day, because it was easy for those of us without a significant other to find the day depressing rather than joyful. Here’s to Valentine’s Day being a day of love and joy for all!

    • oliviascribe

      Thanks Emily, celebrating with friends is always sweet. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  5. Beth Aldridge

    I try to do little things to show my love. My husband and I rarely exchange gifts because we’ve got lots of household items we are wanting to buy, so we use our money for that. However, I’ll try to pick up something extra at the store for him or let him sleep in a little later on some days. I think the small gestures count as much, if not more, than the big ones sometimes.

    • oliviascribe

      I agree, Beth. Small gestures often mean so much more than big ones. I hope you enjoy the day.

  6. Jenna Bell

    Time, I think the best way to show my family I love them is to give them my time and to give them their own. My hubby gets his alone time to go skeet shooting every Saturday and I know he really enjoys his time doing that.

    • oliviascribe

      I love that, Jenna. For our last anniversary, I gave my husband a day of his choosing to do whatever he wanted and on his own. He watched sports, had dinner with a friend and really enjoyed himself. We all need that!


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