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Cheering and Crying

You know those days when everything is a mix of sadness and excitement? This week has been exactly that for me.

Last weekend, one my best friends and her little family moved halfway across the country.

I am so excited for her. She will be down the street from her sister, and much closer to the rest of her family. She and her husband have new career opportunities awaiting them. In so many ways, this is an exciting time in their lives.

But… two days after they left, it was a gorgeous, sunny 75 degrees here and my playground pal was gone.


I have spent so much time being happy for them that I didn’t take time to think about how much I would miss her friendship. And as I ventured to the park without my friend, I felt really lonely.

There were a lot of people at the park and I knew many of them. This gave me another equal mix of sadness and excitement: Yay, I know people! Boo hoo, I am here by myself.

My friend and I have gone on walks together since before either of us had kids. We have many things in common, including sons near the same age and husbands with weird work schedules, so we continued getting together even after kids. I really don’t have another friend like her.

I have wrestled with these feelings all week… Who am I going to go on walks with? Who will Oliver play with at the park? GASP! Who is going to be my friend?!!


Today I had lunch with some girlfriends. We laughed over a margarita (or two), and I told them what was going on. They laughed even harder… apparently I do have a few friends who will go to the park with me, even if their kids are much older. So, I’m back to being excited, or at least feeling a little less sad. 🙂

Friendships are so important to our well-being that we almost take them for granted. I wish we made more time for one another, and this might be my wakeup call to do so.

What do you do to celebrate and/or spend time with your girlfriends?


3 Responses to “Cheering and Crying”

  1. Shannon

    Lovely post. I guess in the end you are lucky to have had such a good friend. I don’t have a singe friend like that (really I have no close friends, especially not fellow moms) but your post actually made me wish I did 😉

    • marylemonwater

      Yes, I am very lucky. I think it’s extremely difficult to make mom friends, especially when working. I haven’t quite figured out why that is, but I don’t think you and I are alone!

      • Shannon

        Eh, in my case I have never really had girl friends so it’s nothing new for me. Good luck!

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