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Sensory Sunday: Yogurt Paint

I stumbled upon this activity by accident, but it was so much fun that I have to share.

My son was eating yogurt and trying to navigate using a spoon for the first time. When he got frustrated with the spoon, he started digging out the yogurt with his hands and smearing it all over his high chair tray.

I got out another container of yogurt (so he had two colors) and just let him play.


If you want to try this activity in a more structured way, you could try this:


  • Plain Yogurt
  • Food Coloring


  • Mix yogurt and a couple drops of food coloring to make the paint
  • Put child in high chair
  • Provide paper, if you wish
  • Show child how to dip hands in “paint” and smear it on the paper or tray
  • Have fun!
  • Give a bath 🙂

You could also let your child do this in the bathtub, so you have less space to clean up!

My son is into putting anything and everything into his mouth, so traditional paint would have been a disaster. However, painting with yogurt turned out to be perfect!


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