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Hey baby!? Welcoming baby Jack!

In the mornings, my routine is this: make breakfast, check calendar/email/etc. for daily agenda, get ready. I’ve done things in this order for a long time and not often does anything interfere.

However, last week, my day came to an abrupt halt at the “check email” portion of the morning. I had an email that came through my adoption website that said:

“I just gave birth this morning and would like you to consider adopting the baby. I would be honored for you to be the baby’s parents. Please call me. I hope you’ll say yes!!”

It was 8 am and I was still in my pajamas. I had a 13-month old baby covered in bananas and peanut butter. My husband was asleep after working a late shift in the ER. But there was no way I could proceed to the “get ready” portion of my day without knowing if this was real.

I called the woman who sent the email, and I must admit that I was expecting this to be the world’s meanest prank. But, she was serious. She was a very level-headed woman who just couldn’t be a mom right now.

She lives in our community and heard about us through people sharing our website on Facebook. When people started sharing our website, I was equal parts thrilled and horrified. An adoption profile is very personal, and it’s scary to have people lurking at your family life. But, that is how a potential birth mom gets to know you and decides if you’re the right fit for her. So, we went along with it. I am so glad we did!

I woke up Matt and told him the situation. He stayed home with Oliver while I went to the hospital. I met this sweet, sweet baby and his birth mom. The baby boy was only about an hour old. He was beautiful, content and healthy.

There is truly no greater honor than being hand-picked to be a baby’s parents. How could I say no?

So, my friends, I am pleased to introduce you to my son, Jack.


Introducing Jack

Matt, Oliver, and I adore him. He is the snuggliest, sweetest little guy I know and I am completely in love with him.

Please wish us luck as we finalize our adoption over the next two months.

Thank you for the blessings,

14 Responses to “Hey baby!? Welcoming baby Jack!”

  1. Tara

    What a beautiful life he has in front of him – congratulations on your new bundle!

  2. oliviascribe

    Mary! This is such a wonderful story. I am so glad Jack has joined your family. Congratulations! And he is super cute, by the way. Hugs to Ollie, we miss him.

  3. Lindsay

    Wow! I can’t believe she was emailing less than an hour after giving birth! Super hero birth mom. Congratulations! He is beautiful. ❤

    • marylemonwater

      Thank you! It is definitely life changing, but in such a good way!

  4. nirupamaprv

    Congratulations! All the very best and success. Sending loads of good wishes, blessings and courage for everything. Baby Jack Looks adorable.


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