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Oliver slept all night, and Jack only woke up once

You guys. Really.

I definitely don’t want to complain about my kids, because they are the biggest blessings I could ask for. But, babies do come with needs in the middle of the night.

Lately I have felt so tired that I randomly forget friends’ names and lose my train of thought mid-conversation. I’m sure that makes me a real pleasure to be around. 🙂

Matt, my husband, just said yesterday, “I didn’t know I could get more tired, but every day, I feel more exhausted than the day before.”

But, this morning when I woke up, I felt like a new woman…

Oliver slept ALL night and Jack only woke up one time. It felt like a miracle!

We had a busy day yesterday – a college baseball game and friends over during the day; and a bluegrass concert in the evening. We had a great time, but apparently all that fun really wore out the kids.

Thank goodness… we all needed the rest!

Days like this make me realize that every phase in parenting is short – the good and the bad – and they all pass way too quickly.

Matt and I must have worn out the kids yesterday!

Matt and I must have worn out the kids yesterday!


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