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A Meal Planning Resource

What’s for dinner? My mom dreaded this question, and honestly I do too. I love to cook, I love to eat, but with a busy schedule, thinking of meals, going to the grocery store for ingredients and actually making food is a recipe for falling into a food funk. This a terrible thing for anyone, but especially for a food lover.

I have been trying to meal plan every week. Before that, we would go to the grocery store very often and pick up ingredients for what we wanted to make that day, sometimes for two meals but never for an extended period of time. Because my husband and I love food and cooking, grocery shopping is actually fun for us, but with two kids it is terribly inefficient and very expensive.

I am not great at meal planning yet, in part because I am still trying to get used to doing it weekly and doing it with two kids around the house, but I have a great source of inspiration for my meals. I don’t always follow the recipes, but the ideas are often what is most important for me when it comes to meal planning.

I follow many of the websites below on facebook, this gives me ideas to think about and consider on a regular basis, and pin the ones that seem most promising. When I sit down to actually plan I go back to pinterest, as well as other trusted sources.


This g-free granola was inspired by an Against all Grain recipe. Now I don’t have to think about breakfast either!

I think my mom would have found this resource very useful, and I hope you do too.

Smitten Kitchen: Everything I’ve made from this site has been amazing. I love the Surprise Me! search. The Roast Chicken with Dijon Sauce has become part of our regular rotation.

Martha Stewart: The sheer amount of recipes and how well they are organized is enough to make this a necessary tool for meal planning. Most of the recipes are very good, a great and super easy one is this Sauteed Mushrooms with Baked Eggs.

Weelicious: Cute, simple, healthy stuff for kids. Their search feature is very useful, as you can search by who your are feeding or by ingredient

Against all Grain: My sister in law recommended this one, and I have followed it every since. This gluten-free person needs other gluten-free people in her life, and this site has great ideas. They also have Paleo recipes

Atrapada en Mi Cocina: If you are a Spanish-speaker, this Spain-based website has amazing recipes for mostly traditional Spanish food.

Cooks Illustrated: I have had their book, The New Best Recipe, for years, and I love every recipe that comes out of it. The only issue I have is that because they try many recipes for each dish to find the best one, the recipes are sometimes very involved, but not always. Their recipes, however, are truly the best. In the book I love reading the explanation for each recipe. Their Thick and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies are my favorite. You do need a membership to access their site, but if you cook often it is worth it.


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