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One Toy, 10 Uses: Sensory Sunday

This is my favorite kind of toy, one that has many hours of play. Classic toys, like blocks, give you the ability to play and learn without needing a slew of toys, but for the most part we don’t take advantage of the many lives they have.

Whether your house is full of toys but you are at a loss trying to come up with things to do with your toddler, or you are traveling with a toddler and need to pack light, this list is for you. Here are 10 uses for blocks and the skills they promote:


1- Build towers as high as you can, then crash them down: building promotes fine motor skills

2- Build walls to crash cars into: learn about cause and effect

3- Build towers of different sizes- one block, two blocks, three blocks- and arrange them in a line, then count the blocks in each of the towers: promotes dexterity and early math skills

4- Spell simple words or names: helps with early literacy

5- Say out loud the numbers in the blocks: promotes early math skills

6- Sort by object depicted or by color: sorting is a base for mathematics. It promotes logical thinking and applying rules

7- Hide blocks around the room, then try to find them: learn about persistence

8-Trace blocks onto the top of a shoebox and cut the shapes out. Close the box, then have your child put blocks into the box through the cutouts: this promotes fine motor skills

9- Use blocks as instruments to create different rhythms, encourage your child to do the same: rhythm is the start of learning music which helps with brain development, creativity, confidence and so much more

10- Have your child gather all the blocks into a bag and put them away: this is sorting with a purpose and also teaches them to clean up after themselves



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