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Summer Time Give Away!


Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer, in my book. And I love summer!

I love warm weather, being outside, sipping cocktails on the patio, hiking, biking, swimming, grilling, camping, concerts, and about a million other things that happen during this fabulous season.

So, let’s celebrate this glorious time of year with with a giveaway!

Tell us:
What are you most looking forward to this summer?

We will randomly select two entries from the blog and Facebook to receive some fun summer goodies.

So, friends… help us get excited for sunshine and tell us about what you will be up to this summer. Maybe you’re going on a fab vacation? Maybe you’re a lake goer? Or, maybe, like me, you live in a college town and can’t wait for good parking.

Do tell!


6 Responses to “Summer Time Give Away!”

  1. Lindsay

    Living here in Toronto, spring-time and summer always feel like a true gift: sunshine and warmth, guaranteed! Last year, we went to a cottage on the lake for a week for the first time, and vowed to do it again this year and every year with the kids, as they grow. We being me, my best friend, her partner and her little boy, and another friend. So, I look forward to that again!

    But mostly, I just look forward to being able to leave the house without layer upon layer, cursing the winter weather.

    • marylemonwater

      A cottage on the lake with friends sounds amazing! But, I will also be happy about just wearing one layer of clothes!:) Thanks for sharing your plans!

  2. Beth Aldridge

    More outside time, hanging on the deck at night, lake time, and a much-needed trip for the hubby and me to Colorado.

    • marylemonwater

      That sounds great to me, too, Beth! Matt and I are also making a trip to Colorado this summer. I am excited for some much-needed R&R. Hope you guys enjoy!

  3. vrein11

    I am looking forward to plants growing, fresh vegetables, kids home from school, visits to the lakes and parks, bonfire nights, and county fair!!! Around here we have been waiting too long for warmer weather!!!! Hahaha!!!

    • marylemonwater

      Fresh vegetables and bonfire nights?! That sounds fab! I hope summer treats you well!


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