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Family Vacation Traditions

My husband and I have recently been discussing how to make travel traditions for our children.

Road trip... what could possibly go wrong!?

Road trip… what could possibly go wrong!?

We’ve noticed that many families go on a trip together every year – sometimes to the same place, sometimes the same week every year, and sometimes with the same group of people. While all of this sounds lovely, it seems a little unattainable to do all of those things, which leaves us choosing which thing is most realistic for our family.

What seems most important to us is including our parents (our kids’ grandparents) into our vacations.

We do not get a lot of time off work, particularly on weekends. The one or two weekends each month when we aren’t working are our only opportunity to work on our house, see our friends, and be a normal family. For this reason, visiting our parents tends to only happen about four times a year, which isn’t enough for either of us to feel connected.

We think bringing our parents on our family vacations would be an opportunity to spend more time with them. We typically rent a house wherever we go, so providing accommodations for them would be no problem.

But, would this be fun for our parents? Or, would they rather go somewhere where they can be a little more footloose than is possible with two young children in tow?

Family vacations are often looked at like some form of torture (a la Clark Griswold). So, maybe the whole idea sounds terrible. (Although, we are usually much more relaxed and fun on vacation than at home, so maybe it would be a good thing…)

What have all of you done to make vacation traditions? Do you travel as just your immediate family, or with extended family or friends? Any advice you can share to help young families like mine get started?

Thanks for reading and sharing any thoughts!

7 Responses to “Family Vacation Traditions”

  1. vrein11

    We go on family vacations and we love it! Yes its more work and not always relaxing, but the memories and the connections that are made are priceless! You can rent a cabin somewhere and just relax. There are lots of homes that people rent out. Oh- and Family Fun magazine has lots of family friendly vacation ideas.
    We usually just go as a family. Most of the relatives have no interest in going with us. We tend to be a bit overwhelming.. Go and have a great time making memories!!

    • marylemonwater

      Well, yes, I can see that 9 kids might be a bit overwhelming. But I’m glad to hear that you still find a way to vacation together. Do you take a school bus? Just kidding. Thanks for the feedback. You make me feel less crazy for trying to travel with littles!

      • vrein11

        hahaha!!! Well kind of!! My every day driver for a long time now has been a 15 passenger van!
        It IS crazy and fun and worth it! My oldest kids still talk about family vacations we took when they were little!!

      • marylemonwater

        How awesome. Where do you guys like to go? We have flown several times, but our next vacation will be a long road trip to Colorado. Fingers crossed!

      • vrein11

        we mostly like to go to Wisconsin Dells… we have a time share that is like an apartment so we have a place to cook and spread out!! I would not buy a time share again, but we now have it so we use it for that reason.. It saves so much money for us to cook there!!

      • marylemonwater

        That’s a great idea! We often do VRBO.com for similar reasons, but sometimes those places can be really expensive!

      • vrein11

        we actually found a really nice cabin up north in Wisconsin that was only 350 for the entire week!! That was awesome!! Cheapest and most fun vacation we ever had!!!

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