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Be kind: Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

The title of this post is one of my favorite sayings. It’s also something I try to live by every day… Only, sometimes I forget that it actually applies to everyone, and that includes perfect people.

When things in my life are difficult, it’s easy for me to look at the beautiful, hard working, fun people around me and assume that I’m the only one struggling.

My completely bitchy instinct is to think about all of their bad qualities and, somehow, I think that will make me feel better. It doesn’t.

However, when I remember that everyone has their own battles to fight, it’s easier for me to see that no one is perfect. Everyone else is working really hard too, and maybe we can benefit from each other’s strengths.

Recently I have felt disheartened by my inability to keep up with anything, and I confided in a girlfriend about this. Rather than making me feel like a whiner, she made me feel justified and better. She told me that my kids are at a really hard age and my husband works mostly nights, so no one expects me to do everything or be everywhere.

My friend is great at prioritizing needs and distributing responsibilities. I could pick up some tips from her (rather than secretly hating the fact that she has time to run every day). 🙂

It’s time I figure out a way to be as good a friend to others as this friend is to me.

So, my new, modified mantra is this: Always be kinder than you feel.


I think that might be more appropriate. What do you think?


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