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Fortunately, Mr. Destruction Takes Naps!

I’m not sure exactly how long the phase of ransacking destruction lasts, but with two kids back to back, I’m sure I have at least a few years to go.

It’s amazing how much of a mess one little boy can make in such a short period of time. I’m not complaining… A messy house means memories are being made, right?

But I do look forward to a quick cleanup during nap-time and enjoying the few minutes where things are somewhat tidy! (And then it starts all over again…)


My friends and I recently shared a few tips for keeping the playroom organized and most everyone uses bins for each type of toy – cars, music, balls, etc. Do you have any tips you suggest?

I’m off to the next round of madness!


2 Responses to “Fortunately, Mr. Destruction Takes Naps!”

  1. oliviascribe

    I try to clean up as we play, and at least once a week we do a better job at it. I try to make it fun and not go crazy about it. There is joy in a messy room, but I find that sometimes it can get overwhelming for the kids too, not just me.

    • marylemonwater

      I don’t think they know what to play with when everything is strewn everywhere. Hopefully they will appreciate a sense if tidiness at some point! 🙂


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