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Chocolate, cookie, candy, snack?

Last night, as I was getting my kids ready for bed, Oliver (20 months) kept saying over and over; “Chocolate, cookie, candy, snack? Chocolate, cookie, candy, snack?”

He is still very little, so it took me a minute to figure out what he was saying. But, when I did, I almost died laughing.

He is the snackin-est little guy I’ve ever met. And, he couldn’t possibly be any more like me.

When we started talking about adoption, I was afraid that I wouldn’t have anything in common with an adopted child. That sounds a bit crazy when I say it now, but it was a legitimate fear for me. Imagine what it would be like to raise a kid who doesn’t get your jokes or like the same things as you. What would it be like if your child just didn’t mesh with your family?

So, when my kids do things like me, I get a major kick out of it. And, they do things like me ALL THE TIME.

I don’t know if this is a nature vs. nurture conversation, or if some deity has a hand in making every family – even the adopted families. But, it is amazing.

In this National Adoption Month, I’d like to celebrate all of the wacky traits our kids pickup from their parents, no matter how they came to be a family.

XO –

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