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Celebrate your success, don’t dwell on your shortcomings

After I put my kids to bed yesterday evening I cleaned the kitchen and the powder room in our new home. Although I love where we live, we have yet to complete many projects; the powder room is one of them. It needs attention, and the only thing we’ve done to it is hang a mirror, and not very well.

This means that when my extended family comes over on Sunday to celebrate my daughter’s baptism, they’ll see the exposed pipes under the sink, because I haven’t bought the fabric to make a skirt to cover them. They’ll also be in a powder room that is not just small, it is also stark white and empty.

We’ve been here almost 9 months and this powder room was the simple project I wanted done by November so that when my family came, I would know the powder room was nice for them. I’ve been stressing about it not being done for 3 weeks, when it became clear that it was not getting done in time for the baptism.

As I was cleaning the toilet (how about that glamorous Thursday evening) it dawned on me that it doesn’t matter that the powder room –or any other room in our house– isn’t decorator approved. I’ve been busy!

In the time we’ve been here, we’ve done a lot, actually. These are not material things and they aren’t things that people comment on as soon as they walk in your house, but they are very important to me and to my family. I will list them below to give me the chance to recap all my husband and I have done, and to help you look at your own accomplishments and pat yourself in the back. Life is hard, even when things are good, so we don’t need to make it harder on ourselves by stressing over powder rooms. I say, celebrate your success and don’t dwell on your shortcomings.

– We moved from the Midwest to the East Coast, essentially starting from scratch

– My husband started a new job, and I am freelancing for different companies

– I finished my thesis, which means that in a month I’ll have a master’s degree

– My kids are happy, healthy and growing

– We’ve bought some new-to-us furniture that I hope to refinish, and have an awesome playroom where the kids have a great time

– We’ve made several new friends!


The degree: Took pics ahead….not official until I finish the revisions to my thesis

I could probably go on about the things I’ve done, bigger and smaller, but these are my faves. Putting them in writing (typing?) makes that stress about the powder room seem so silly. Besides, I am planning to bake a cake so good for after the baptism no one will care about the powder room.

Because I know we all have a “powder room”, tell me what project is stressing you out, and what more important things you’ve been doing instead. I think it’ll make you feel accomplished.




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