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Intergenerational Adventures – Traveling with Grandparents

My husband and I have a serious case of wanderlust. We love to travel, explore, and experience the world.

Our love of travel is one of the biggest things we have in common. Seeing new places gives us much needed down time, as well as shared experiences; two things our lifestyle seems to lack.

One of the hardest parts of having small children (for us) is trying to satiate our need to go somewhere. Taking small kids on a trip is just as difficult as leaving them. As a result, we have traveled very little in the last two years.

A lot of people travel with a nanny who helps with the children so mom and dad can have the best of both worlds. However, the cost and awkwardness of bringing someone else along was a turnoff to us.

Instead, we asked grandma and grandpa to join us. I have this vision of my kids bonding with their grandparents while Matt and I reconnect with each other. I think it will also give us an opportunity to spend time one on one with grandparents that we don’t usually get.

I am calling this experiment an “intergenerational adventure.”

My hope is that some day we will have an opportunity to take a trip with each set of grandparents.

For our first trip, we are traveling with my husband’s parents. We are going to the Dominican Republic (next week!). Although she claims she is rusty, my mother-in-law is fluent in Spanish, so picking a Spanish speaking country was a no-brainer. We are staying at a kid-friendly resort where there will be lots of conveniences and activities to keep the kids happy.

I think staying in a VRBO would be ideal because you’d have more autonomy as a family. However, I have never been to the Dominican and the resort amenities felt more secure to me this time around.

We have booked a photographer to snap a few pictures of our little crew on the beach. We have also scheduled a dive trip for my husband and I. My son will turn two while we are there, and I have found a fun restaurant where we can celebrate. I think having a plan in place will make traveling with three generations go more smoothly.

Have you traveled with the help of grandparents or a nanny? What were your experiences like?

I believe the more you travel with kids, the easier it gets. So, although my kids may not remember this trip, I believe it will be a good foundation for future adventures. Wish us luck!



Oliver and I playing in the water and making memories on our last family trip.


5 Responses to “Intergenerational Adventures – Traveling with Grandparents”

  1. BWLEtravel

    Nice post. Don’t let the logistics deter you from traveling with little ones! We have been taking journeys large and small with our daughter for 13 years now. We have warm memories of the trips when she was little and are enjoying very different kinds of trips with her now. She is the inspiration for our website. We are sharing what we have learned so far from her in our newly published e-book. Seeing the world through kids’ eyes is a marvelous experience! It’s not always easy, but it’s worth the hassle. Looking forward to reading about your adventures on your blog.

  2. vrein11

    We pretty much travel with big kids, little kids, and just hubby and I. No one else.. we take driving vacations as it is just too expensive to take us all on a plane. So far, we have all survived and brought everyone home that we left with. Have a great time on your trip!! Enjoy the time with the grandparents!! What a blessing that is!

  3. Heather

    We are taking our first trip as a family of five in two weeks. We’ll be going to Hawaii and are meeting Brian’s parents there (they arrived yesterday and will stay until late March). So so so looking forward to some time away together! Have a great trip!

    • marylemonwater

      I feel like we are living parallel lives, Heather! How is it that I have only recently gotten to know you?! Hope you guys have a fabulous trip! Super jealous of your in-laws… two months in Hawaii sounds like bliss.


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