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Easy Easter Egg Coloring- With Toddlers


We had a successful egg coloring experience this morning with a 3 year old and a 1 year old. There was only one cracked egg and not one moment of frustration for mom.

This is how we did it:

  • Cheap eggs. This way I don’t worry about the potential of cracked eggs
  • More eggs than I want. I wanted around six pretty eggs, so I bought a crate of 18
  • Boil eggs ahead of time. I boiled the eggs yesterday, which made coloring eggs at the right time– kids not too tired and not too wired– easy
  • Talk through the process before starting. I tend to do this with everything we do, today it worked wonders
  • Remain calm. It is easy to loose it when you see your kids forcefully dumping eggs into glasses full of colored water, but keep in mind that this is meant to be fun for everyone. Correct gently without judging or getting upset
  • Let them choose. I let my 3 year old make up his own color by mixing the basic ones–he ended up with a weird brown–and asked him if he wanted the eggs to be left in the coloring solution longer or wanted them out. This kept him engaged
  • Make it fast. A whole afternoon coloring eggs may be a great idea for older kids, but with toddlers 30 minutes is about right. I cleaned as much as I could with paper towels as we went, but for the most part kept the momentum going

The most difficult part was involving my daughter who, at 13 months, wants to do everything her brother does but just can’t. I helped her put eggs in the glasses, and she was happy. She loved seeing the colored eggs emerge from the water.

Happy Easter!


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