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Raising Irish Twins: The First Year

I had great intentions to regularly write about my experience raising Irish Twins, but my life has been so crazy that I just didn’t. (After my first post on this subject, I noticed a lot of people reading about it.) But, I suppose taking nine moths to write an update is pretty indicative of what life has been like with two under two. So, here’s a little update…

Both kids just had a birthday, Oliver is 2 and Jack is 1. We told ourselves that the first year would be the hardest, and while that is still to be determined, it was definitely hard. I feel the tension loosening every day now, which is really good.

The good:

  1. Our kids are incredibly close. They love playing with each other and that makes my heart very happy.
  2. When you’re in it, sometimes it’s best to really be in it. Diaper changes, naps, snacks, carseats. We are getting it all over with at one time.

The bad:

  1. I am tired. My body and mind physically ache from diving head first into this new world of babies and toddlers. It seems like one of them is always awake, and getting them dressed is more challenging than wrestle mania. My shoulders hurt all the time. Did I mention I’m tired?
  2. They are so, so loud. If one cries, the other cries. If one talks, the other talks louder.

The ugly:

  1. Some things you do double the work. Other things (like every single milestone) lasts twice as long. No joke… I go through about twenty diapers a day and getting the kids out the door is a feat. But, on the flip side, as soon as Oliver learns how to do one thing, we start the process all over again with Jack.
  2. They spend a lot of time together, but they are at different physical and mental stages, so no matter how hard I try, I am not sure I am giving either of them the one-on-one attention they deserve. I’m afraid Oliver may end up being immature for his age, or Jack may always feel like the little baby.

I wouldn’t change my situation because I think the good outweighs the bad. But, I would have benefitted from an extra dose of patience with myself, with them, with my husband, and with everyone who makes parenting look easy. Having two toddlers is HARD, and I simply cannot compare my family life with someone who has a different dynamic.


If you are expecting Irish Twins, or if you are a new momma to Irish Twins, please know that it isn’t easy for anyone. It’s like a little club – parents of Irish Twins (big and small) will stop to talk to you all about it. But, the effort is worth it. And, the first year goes by way too fast.

Enjoy those little stinkers,

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2 Responses to “Raising Irish Twins: The First Year”

  1. Rebecca

    Thanks for the article. I have 4 kids and am pregnant with my 5th. My baby will be 10 months when the next one is born.

    I am really excited. I always wanted twins. Maybe I still will get them some day. I am happy to get Irish Twins as well.

    Good luck with your boys. Kids are such a blessing

  2. blissfullyinformed

    Sounds about right! I have 4 kiddos… my first 2 are 11 and 9, a matter of days over 2 years apart. Then my 3rd and 4th are 22 mo and 10 mo, exactly 361 days apart!

    It’s sometimes a blessing to have the older 2, they are pretty willing to lend a helping hand when needed. We homeschool, thankfully, so no strict schedules to follow!
    I fell like my life is one long messy, loud, sleepless day lol


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