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The Ethics of Fertility Coverage: Mary Foster Live on Huffington Post

11193436_10205333480949141_3900756219147847218_nOn Monday I was asked to participate in a discussion about the ethics and expenses of fertility coverage with Huffington Post’s host Nancy Redd.

A recently-killed bill in Maine would have required health insurance companies to cover fertility treatments, but only for married couples whose infertility was not the result of a sexually transmitted disease.

While I would be thrilled to see infertility covered by health insurance (in most states, including mine, it is not covered), judging weather someone is morally worthy of medical coverage seems like a huge misuse of state power.

Fortunately, Maine is a state that allows same sex marriage, so married gay couples would not be excluded from the benefit of coverage (the possibility of this injustice was my initial hunch; glad I was wrong).

However, if a single woman wishes to become a mother, but suffers from infertility, why should the government stop her from doing so?

The conversation was interesting, as were the other participants.

Please watch! (Luckily, this video is slightly more hi-tech than my last.)


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