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What Does Being a Parent Mean?

I often think about what being a mother really means to me and I realize that it has so many meanings it is hard to capture exactly what it is.  What defines it all for me is knowing that whatever life brings you, the slightest smile on your child’s face will make it all worth it.

As any parent will tell you, being a mom means you are a cook one minute and the next you are a crisis negotiator between two small, but very determined, people. Shortly after, you may be debating what kind of preschool your children will go to and worrying about it as if the world’s existence depended on it.

Because it is so many things to me, I figured it would be different things to others, so I asked my friends what parenting meant to them. I love how different everyone’s responses were, and how many seemed to see parenting as a constant act of balance.


“Being a mother is a walk on a fine line between divinity and lunacy” – Mom of 5.

“Being a mother is like being at a carnival where you have to knock down the clowns to win but every time you get one down another one pops up……a never ending roller coaster ride through luscious scenery.”- Mom of 5, grandmother of 14

“Being a mom means being graceful under fire while simultaneously trying to find where the poop smell is coming from.”- Mom of 2

“The realization that if I have seen further or accomplished anything in my life, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. As a parent, I have become a giant, and I love the feeling of their feet pressing down to lift them even higher.” – Dad to 4, father of 1

“Finally understanding what my parents really did for me all their lives. It took me 37 years to find out, when Marianne was born.”- Dad of 2

“Being (and becoming) a parent is by far the most challenging life adventure one can face, however, it is also by far the most rewarding adventure and I consider myself blessed to face this adventure daily.”- Mom of 1

“Being a mommy is like going mental and being relaxed all in one. And I thought life was hard before with just work and a hubby!!” – Mom of 1

“Being a mom feels like I’m holding the whole wonderful world in my hands and constantly worrying I’m going to trip and drop it.” – Mom of 2

“To me, being a mom is simply the greatest joy of my life.” – Mom of 1

“Love.” – Mom of 1

“Remembering that life is all about exploring from many perspectives.” – Mom of 1

What does being a parent mean to you?

– Olivia

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