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Home Remodeling and Little Kids

Backyard – After

Have I told you anything about my home? No? Let me share a little story.

About a year before our first child was born, my husband and I bought a 100+ year old house. We had given up on fertility treatments and really didn’t know where our life was heading, so having a project seemed like a great idea.

Our house is right in the middle of town – it is walking distance to everything we need. The big old beast had so much charm with a wrap around porch and a four-square style floor plan. It had good bones, as they say, but needed some love.

We spent the first year in our home working on projects almost every night and weekend. We added a master suite with a bathroom, laundry room and walk-in closet. We repainted every room, changed out light fixtures, and replaced most of the trim. The work was fun and rewarding, but there was a lot of it.

Then, one day, the stork brought baby Oliver to us and everything changed.

Suddenly, our priorities shifted and our time disappeared. However, we lived in a house that was pretty bad looking if you didn’t have the “vision” for it that we had. So, we powered through, trying to finish a project here and there.

Then, the stork dropped by again with baby Jack and literally, all progress stopped. Actually, we may have even regressed with things like a burst pipe that destroyed an entire room.

We often debate moving – we could build a new home, or move into an already remodeled home – and forgo all of the work that goes into a fixer-upper. But, we are insane, and keep staying.

Even with two small children in the mix, watching your home transform into your dream is amazing.

We have started hiring people to do some of the work we might have done ourselves. I heard horror stories about this, but we have gotten lucky. Most of the people who have helped us have become friends of our family. My kids regularly ask if so-and-so is coming to work today – they love to watch the workers (and they love to have company).

I would never say that remodeling an old home is easy, but it is such a great experience. Our house has character that you can’t build and stories that it can’t tell. I love it here, and I would definitely not scare you away from fixing up a house. In fact, don’t tell my husband, but ours isn’t even complete and I am itching to start again. 🙂

Below are a couple of before and after pictures of some completed areas. I really wanted to make the spaces warm and inviting so that we could entertain, but still have a homey feel.

Welcome to my little heaven!

Before and after photos of our living room and backyard renovation.

Living Room – Before


Living Room – After


Backyard – Before

Backyard - After

Backyard – After

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