A friendly resource for women who want to lead better lives

Be nice and mean it. 

By Susan B.

I’m friendly…like, super friendly. On a date in high school, a boy told me I was shallow because I had been overly chatty with the waiter. He’s my husband now…not because I’m that nice, but because he took time to see that I’m really just that friendly. When I see someone with a well-placed nose ring, I’m gonna tell her how great it looks. When a kid follows directions the first time he is asked, I’m the mom on the playground who shouts “hey, good listening, dude!” I can’t help it.  

Sometimes people think it’s fake. And I’ll be honest – sometimes it is fake. When I realize I’m in a grump-rut, there are two ways to get out of it. One, win the lottery. Two, put some positive energy back in to the universe. I buy a scratcher ticket from time to time, but I usually go for option two. 

When I was young (and last week just for fun), I would rub my feet on the green shag carpet to build up static. And then I would chase my sister around the house to shock her. It was always fun, but I got a little zap from it too. Well, being friendly to someone is like a static shock – you both feel it.

Last week, I told an acquaintance at the park “I like you. I always feel good after we hang out.” She looked at me like I had just paid off her mortgage. She was confused and grateful and overwhelmed all at once. This isn’t really what I was going for, but her eyes immediately filled up with tears. Seeing that flood of emotions on her face was like watching a child on Christmas morning. So gratifying to both of us…and I didn’t even have to use wrapping paper. 

This week, please put some positive vibes in to the universe. If it doesn’t give you a little buzz immediately, I promise you will feel some good vibes come back to you soon. It might even make your hair stand up…but only if you put a balloon above your head.  

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