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Open Adoption: Looking at birth mom’s baby pictures

Today is a milestone birthday for my son’s birth mom and I got to see a celebratory video with photos of her as a child. They look so much alike as toddlers, it was like a glimpse into my son’s future!

You hear parents of biological children talk about their kids having “mom’s eyes” or “dad’s nose” and you can totally see it. But with an adopted child, you may not ever know what genetics will bring. The unknown doesn’t matter to me or other adoptive families, but it was really fun to see where some of those traits come from.

His curls, his nose, his giant smile… All courtesy of his beautiful birth mom. I debated every photo, trying to find the perfect one to share. But ultimately, decided against it. While I am very comfortable speaking about my adoption experience, I believe the story itself belongs to my children. So, you’ll just have to believe me! 😉

If you are considering adoption, or don’t know much about it, I hope you at least understand what a blessing an open adoption can be. The relationship between birth mom, child and adoptive family is very special – it’s filled with love, respect, and a mutual wish for the child’s wellbeing. 

❤️ Mary

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