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When bedtime requires all the coffee

My husband, Matt, has been working a 3-11 pm shift in the Emergency Department all month, which means I’m doing bedtime with the kids by myself. The boys are a rambunctious pair and sometimes we get to go see Dad in the ER due to injuries from their shenanigans.

By the time they are asleep, I am so tired that I don’t even pretend to be productive. Last night was no exception. I put on my PJs, read for a few minutes, and drifted off to dreamland.

When Matt got home from work, both kids had gotten out of bed and were in Jack’s room playing with play doh and nerf guns. It was midnight. 🤗

You might be wondering “how did she sleep through this?” Don’t worry, I’m wondering that too. I believe my husband would also like to know why I can hear every annoying breath he takes while sleeping, but missed the nerf gun war.

It’s especially peculiar that no one came to wake me up because I literally didn’t know they could operate a nerf gun without asking me for help 12 million times. Guess I will take that responsibility off my job description!

This morning I’m drinking coffee in peace while my little chaos makers rest up for their next bad idea. I’m pondering how to handle this situation, and really have a hard time being mad about it. This seems a little funny, but probably only because they’re both safe and didn’t damage anything.

This is the coffee I’m currently obsessed with. It’s strong but smooth- not bitter at all:

Koffee Kult

This is the melatonin we will be trying tonight:

Magic Sleeping Aid 😉

Cheers to the weekend! We’ll be doing more of the same (working 3-11 and hanging on for dear life)… but first, I plan to exhaust these monkeys a bit.

Enjoy every day!


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