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Creative Consequences

Every parent’s least favorite part of parenting is correcting bad behavior. I am no exception; and it’s no surprise that two rambunctious boys provide plenty of questionable behavior.

Life can get a bit crazy at my house and I have spent a lot of time researching the best ways to deal with kids who make poor choices.

Rewarding good behavior is the most fun way for me to parent and I believe my kids enjoy it too. However, sometimes a reward isn’t enough and I need to be prepared with a consequence.

When I provide consequences to my kids, I want the action to be:

1. Effective – it should be harsh enough to matter.
2. Gentle – not so harsh that the punishment is unreasonable.
3. Easy to implement – quick and always available.

It is important to me that rewards and consequences happen swiftly so that the kids make a connection between their behavior and the outcome. Rewards and consequences should also be easily dealt by my husband or a babysitter.

To keep things simple, I came up with a list of creative consequences to reference when we need it.

– Time out to calm down
– Time in to snuggle and discuss what’s going on
– Sensory activities to regulate body such as:
       – Wheel barrow walk
       – Crab walk
       – Foam roller
       – Roll on big ball
       – Push ups – 10 at a time
       – Wall squat – 30 seconds
       – Jumping Jacks – 10-15 at a time
       – Wrap up in a blanket
       – Bear hug
– Select a chore:
       – Pickup play room
       – Pickup bedroom
       – Wash windows
       – Take out the trash
       – Sweep porch
       – Sweep garage
       – Put away laundry
       – Clean under bed
       – Match socks
– Read a book
– No TV
– Mercy – talk about God having mercy on us
– Early bedtime
– Trace the alphabet or practice handwriting

Obviously not all activities are appropriate for all kids. Use what works for your family!

Feel free to download this free printable here: CreativeConsequencesforGoodKids

Following are a few resources on discipline that have helped me:

The Out of Sync Child – https://amzn.to/2I8Y5Us – about sensory processing disorders

The Connected Child – https://amzn.to/2uquQud – for adoptive families, but helpful information for all families

No Drama Discipline https://amzn.to/2Gi5kJ6 – effective ways to teach and communicate

Good luck with those sweet babes. Every stage is a new adventure, remember to enjoy the journey!




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