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Date Nights

My mom called me this week to ask if the boys could come spend the weekend {without us}. I was like, um, yes please!

We are lucky to have parents who are involved in our kids lives and we try not to abuse that privilege.

Here’s the the thing: when in the midst of parenting, it’s easy to lose yourself and put your relationship aside. However, the only way to stay emotionally stable and connected is to spend time alone together.

Some couples do this after the kids go to bed, on a date night, or on kid-free vacations. I think the key is finding what works for your relationship and figuring out how to do it.

When Matt and I don’t make time for ourselves, we start fighting more, we lose sight of our goals, and we both feel drained and a little lonely.

Our parents cannot possibly provide childcare every time we need it, so we hired a couple of wonderful people we can call when we need a date night or a getaway. It’s expensive, but worth the investment.

We love music, and my husband found out that Vance Joy would be performing in Kansas City this weekend (see my Instagram story for a snippet!). It was a perfect night away!

If you are a grandparent or auntie of little kids, I encourage you to spend one on one time with the kiddos! It’s such a blessing to the parents, and research has proven it will be good for you too!



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