A friendly resource for women who want to lead better lives

About LemonWater

LemonWater is a friendly resource for women who want to lead better lives. We are women who want more of life. We want careers, family and friends, but we don’t want to go crazy trying to make it all happen, trying to be perfect. We just want to know how to do things easier, better and more fun so we can enjoy our lives fully.

LemonWater is the friend you want to have. The one that can give you career advice, and awesome recipes for weeknight dinners and house parties; The one you can ask for advice on parenting and your relationships without a worry that you’ll be judged; and the one that can give you fashion advice for every day (goodbye yoga pants!) and for date night.

We started LemonWater because we realized that after talking to each other our lives become easier. The tips that we shared with each other enriched our lives and made them better. Women are so busy now, that it is rare we have time to spend hours chatting comfortably, yet the knowledge we get from each other could potentially make our lives less crazy.

“It takes a village to raise a child” the saying goes. We think that the village also raises the woman, and this is your village. LemonWater fills some of those needs that we can’t have met by family and friends. LemonWater is here to give you the knowledge that will give your life a boost; From getting organized to getting healthy; from staying fashionable to being a good mom. So grab a cup of coffee and start reading. We are here for you.

3 Responses to “About LemonWater”

  1. Sue Johnston

    Hi LemonWater,
    I found your blog when I did a Google search for top infertility blogs. Yours popped up in the top, so I wanted to reach out to you to let you know of a book that I feel can really benefit women (men too, but mostly women).

    I have struggled for 10 years of my life to conceive my 1 and only son. Infertility affected me so profoundly that I wanted to write a book, unlike any other, which after 4-1/2 years, I finally did. It is entitled “Detours: Unexpected Journeys of Hope Conceived from Infertility.”

    There are 11 chapters… or I’d like to call them journeys… in “Detours.” I met 11 friends (my lifelines) through RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association of Greater San Diego when I was in the thick of my battle with infertility. Each of the co-authors struggled a long time and each found his/her resolution through various Assisted Reproductive Technologies including: donor egg, surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, adoption, multiple miscarriages and much, much more. We are REAL people from various religions, backgrounds and sexes sharing our REAL stories and what we wish we had known when going through infertility treatment. We want to offer our help to our fellow infertility friends.

    One exceptionally great thing about our book is that we will be donating a portion of the proceeds to RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association so that we can provide support and increase awareness for other people who are dealing with the overwhelming challenges of infertility.

    I am also a proud Professional Member of RESOLVE and want to offer support to anyone who is struggling with infertility. I would love for you to check out our website: http://www.detours-saj.squarespace.com. You can learn more about our book and our mission, our co-authors and artist. I also have a blog that I recently started on the website, if you would like to connect with me. It is called, “In-Fertility and Friendship.”

    “Detours” has only been on Amazon for about 2 weeks now and we have climbed to the top of the infertility books. We are now #1 on Amazon out of 7,597 infertility books. We feel that anyone who is struggling with infertility will find help and support on the pages of our book. We also have a section for the loved ones of those who are struggling because it is sometimes difficult for them to know what to say or do.

    Please know that I am lifting you up in prayer every day, Chelsea. I would be so honored if you would check out “Detours” and let your fellow bloggers know that our newly released book is available on Amazon, but it’s more of a support group than a book!

    All the best to you,
    Sue Johnston
    Author and Anthologist of “Detours”

  2. Linda

    Hello! I am a homeschooling mom of 4 small children. I just felt compelled to find a group like this to suggest something too. My heart breaks for women who are told they are infertile. Although their bodies may not be fit for carrying a baby, I believe the bonds they could still have with children would be amazing and beneficial to the woman and the children. I think any homeschooler (there are millions of us out there) would welcome the company of somebody just like you 🙂


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